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Off The Walls #4 – The Walls at the Movies, WWE Royal Rumble Recap & Book Reviews

hello! This show is packed! First, Zoe and I talk about the books we have read and are reading (i.e. Pronto, Riding The Rap, Fire In the Hole, Raylan, No Country For Old Men, the Wayward Pines series, Paperback Confidential, Son, and Jaws!) then we go to the movies to review and see how many thumbs this load of films get (Bone Tomahawk, Legend, Into the Grizzly Maze, Hateful Eight, Paranormal Activity The Ghost Dimension, Poltergeist, Crimson Peak and more).

Then we talk about the last night’s Royal Rumble!

We also talk about Zoe’s Esty shop and my new hardboiled detective book, that I am calling 26 Cents, and I don’t care if Zoe likes the title or not! LOL


Podcast 451a copy

Podcast 451 #45 Characters: Heroes, Villains, Antiheroes, Protagonists, Antagonists, etc.

On tonight’s episode of 451, Zoe ad I almost talked about just heroes, then heroes and villains, then just antiheroes, then protagonists and antagonists, then just gave up and thought we would just have a discussion about characters in general while we touch on all of the above!

The song you hear at the beginning of this episode is Creepersin’s Dead Girls Not Dead from Faster Creepersin Kill Kill!

Episode 1 – Notepad++ and Calabri

Watch or listen! Creep and Zoe talk about the state of ebooks, Apples court case, Jaws 40th anniversary, Anno Dracula ~ Kim Newman, Hound of the D’Urbevilles ~ Kim Newman, Trilogy with The Bloody Red Baron/ Dracula Cha Cha (Judgement of Tears US version), Nightmare Movies ~ Kim Newman, Breakfast of Champions ~ Kurt Vonnegut, Notepad++, Calabri, Slasherton, Bacon, top 5 when animal attack films and more!