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Off the Walls #8 Jessica Jones, True Murder, One Lonely Night

Tonight, Zoe and I talk about binge watching Jessica Jones, True Murder Podcast, inconsistencies  with Coronation Street characters, book stores, The Legend of Boggy Creek, Mickey Spillane’s One Lonely Night and so much more.

We even talk about my new podcast with John Oakes, the True Dick Podcast about mystery, crime and detective fiction that can be found here.


Podcast 451 #52 – J. Thorn, Evernote, Updates and More!

Wow, wow, wow! So much happened on this episode!

First off, we went into what the show is about for those of you that may be new. Then we kept to our organizational new year and talked about deleting files and using Evernote. We talked about our future plans, and what we need to hod ourselves acceptable for the next 6 months…

And then I got to ask horror author J. Thorn, a ton of awesome and some ridiculous questions! Good times!

The first 45 minutes, is Zoe and I, updating you all

Next 53 minutes is J. Thorn!

Hope you enjoy it!