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Off The Walls #6 – Year of the Targeted Plan

This show is really packed to the gills. We talk about Bait, Milo and Otis, Fright Night, Sharknado 3, The Spongebob Squarepants Movie, Serial, The Plot Genie, I had to kill her, The Spider, I the Jury, My Gun is Quick, Frank Ryan, Mickey Spillane, Edwin Connell, Coronation Street, WWE, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens, the NBC App, Days of Our Lives, DOOL, SORAS, Knitting, Autoresponders, Mailchimp, raffelcopter, Street teams, social media, blogs, facebook ads, ARCs, Pop ups, Hitman Black, The Brain Thief, The Gavel, Black Star Canyon and, I can’t believe it, but even more.




Off the Walls #3 – The Revenant, Elmore Leonard, Stephen King, Justified, Six Feet Under & 10 Writing Rules

Hello folks! Tonight we will talk about The Revenant, Elmore Leonard, Stephen King, Justified, Six Feet Under, 10 Writing Rules, The Black Dahlia, Carrie, Salem’s Lot, The Shining, Fire in the Hole, Pronto, Riding the Rap, Raylan Givens, James Bond, Ian Fleming, Black Star Canyon, The Gavel, Hitman Black, The Brain Thief, and so much more.

Including writing stories around a character compared to writing characters around a story!

Enjoy and leave feedback to let us know your thoughts!

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Off The Walls #1 – Intro / Hunter / Fargo / Broadchurch / WWE / ETC

Hello there everyone! It’s been awhile.

Zoe and I have decided that since I haven’t written a book in a few months, but both of us have been doing a lot of really cool creative stuff, we would change the show completely.

Off the Walls (we will explain) is our new show that will be hosted here until further notice. Here, we will talk about everything we are doing and creating, but also talking about all of the stuff we have been watching, listening to, reading and whatever else we want to talk about.

We think we will still be bringing you educational, yet entertaining chat and awesomeness.

Tonight, we talk about a lot of things to catch you up like, Hunter, Fargo, Broadchurch, American Horror Story Freak Show, WWE TLC, Zodiac, Helter Skelter, The Manson Family, The Murder Cult, Jar-assic Mini Monsters, Creepersin and a special update about Black Star Canyon.



Podcast 451 #52 – J. Thorn, Evernote, Updates and More!

Wow, wow, wow! So much happened on this episode!

First off, we went into what the show is about for those of you that may be new. Then we kept to our organizational new year and talked about deleting files and using Evernote. We talked about our future plans, and what we need to hod ourselves acceptable for the next 6 months…

And then I got to ask horror author J. Thorn, a ton of awesome and some ridiculous questions! Good times!

The first 45 minutes, is Zoe and I, updating you all

Next 53 minutes is J. Thorn!

Hope you enjoy it!

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Podcast 451 #44 – 10 Ways to Kill Your Darlings

On today’s episode, Zoe and I talk about ten different ways that you could kill your darlings. We end up talking about many more than that, but let’s start with ten. :)

We also chat a bit about the Kindle Education Conspiracy that my daughter and I went through with her home schooling program this year.

Finally, we chat about updates on Slasherton, mailing lists blunders and some of the other things that Zoe and I are working on.


The song at the start of the episode is Meet Me Out in the Sticks off of my The Rise of Creepersin album.

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Podcast 451 #38 – Newsletter Subject Lines & Char!

Today Zoe and I will talk about Newsletter subject lines. What works and what doesn’t. We will also talk about some new Amazon keyword categories and we also will have author Char on talking to us about her new book, Ogres of Hickory Cottage.

Podcast 451a copy

Podcast 451 #36 Series VS Serial, Father’s Day and Yard Sales

Join Zoe and I as we chat about how to make your book series successful and the differences between that and a serial. plus, happy father’s day and I had a yard sale this morning!

Podcast 451 #32 – Simon Whistler from Rocking Self Publishing Podcast

Here it is! We got him to come on the show and share about his experiences interviewing a ton of self published authors, trends and tips and also his upcoming book, Audiobooks for Indies. This was great fun but we had huge tech probs. The video after the first couple minutes is just me for some reason and Zoe got booted a few minutes in and was unable to one back. :( But, Simon and I had a great time and shared some really useful and amazing stuff.

Be sure to subscribe to the rocking self publishing podcast on iTunes and also subscribe to Simon’s Rocking Self Publishing mailing list. It’s a great newsletter that I have been getting since last year. I highly recommend it. Visit Rocking Self Publishing for more info.