About Us

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Welcome to Podcast 451, where we won’t burn your books, but technology will probably do it in the near future anyway.

That used to be our tagline when we started the show back in 2013 because we named the show after the novel Fahrenheit 451. That is the temperature at which paper burns. Kinda fitting since we talk so much about ebooks!

We aren’t here to tell you how to do it, how to get rich quick or even how to be successful. What we are here to do, is hope that you learn from our mistakes and can rejoice in our successes and be entertained along the way.

C.C. and Zoe met back in 2013 while Creep (C.C.’s alter-ego) was writing the Slasherton series 2015-03-15 16.23.00and Zoe came on to illustrate them. Since then, they have made 8 Slasherton books together and Zoe has done the covers for nearly 50 of both Creep Creepersin’s and C.C. Wall’s books.

C.C. has been in the entertainment business for the last 20 years, starting in music, then moving to film, and finally finding a home as a self-published author.

On May 22nd, 2015 they were married and reside in Los Angeles.