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Podcast 451 #71 – Amazon’s Review Machine, Price Changing, Launch Parties

We talk about a ton of stuff today, including amazon’s new review machine, changing prices, Black Star Canyon and our upcoming launch party.

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Question of the episode: Does seeing a .99 cent book make you assume that it’s crap or just on sale. Leave you answers in the comments below.

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Podcast 451a copy

Podcast 451 #69 – The Pros and Cons of Listening to Podcasts

Hey there! On this episode, Zoe and I talk about a slightly touchy subject. Do listening to podcasts on writing, marketing and publishing, do more harm than good? How should you filter information on the podcasts you listen to? How to take something a non-fiction author says on a podcast and make it relevant to a fiction author’s plan. These are just some of the things that we talk about.

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