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Podcast 451 #66 – Writing Prequels and Other Things!

Hello everyone and welcome to our 66th outing. Tonight Zoe and I talked about all sorts of stuff, including: snails, Daredevil, Gotham, the new KDP Bookshelf, HBO NOW, iTunes, more links on not only depression, but also anxiety, Black Star Canyon, the Brain Thief, NBC 4, my failed experiment, wiki’s, wine and finally, how to write a prequel.

Next time we will be talking about how to put together box sets.

The week after that, we will be talking about everything you want to know about serials! So, head on over to the contact and let us know your questions!

Podcast 451a copy

Podcast 451 #65 – Dealing With Depression

Hey there! Today, Zoe and I talk about a ton of stuff, since we were gone for a couple weeks. We talk Sopranos, The Wire, Game of Thrones, Nick Carter, The Vanishing, Facebook ads, paperback crime writers of the 1940′s, Amazon Fire TV Stick, HBONOW, and many other things before we get to our core topic – Dealing with Depression as a writer.

This is a really long episode, because there was a ton to talk about.