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Podcast 451 #60 – David J. Delaney and Multi-Author Facebook Events Part 1

Hey there! Today on the show Zoe and I talk about a ton of stuff like House of Cards Season 3, Miranda, Medieval Times, the Bodies and Titanic exhibits, The California Science Center, Friday the 13th, the 1980′s, ghosts, The Gavel #2 and other shenanigans.

Then, author David J. Delaney comes on to talk about his new book, The Vanishing!

We then wrap the show up by talking about the pre-production in putting together a multi-author Facebook event and how freaking hard it is!

Hope you enjoy the show. Have questions or comments? please go to the contact page and let us know!

Podcast 451a copy

Podcast 451 #58 – The History of Paperbacks, Fawcett Publishing & Gold Medal Books

Hello! Welcome to the International House of Waffles!

Today, Zoe and I, talk a bit about TV that we like. Ashes to Ashes, Gotham, Agent Carter, Backstrom, etc.

Then we give you the scoop on our releases. Hitman Black, Shallow Giallo 2, The Brain Thief, Lives of Love & Hate, etc.

Zoe goes into detail about the book covers.

We talk Bitten.

Give you an update on Meet the Serial Killers

Then, we finally talk about  our topic!

The history of Paperback books and how it is almost exactly the same now with ebooks!