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Podcast 451 #57 – The Mom Rule and Building an Email List

Hello everyone! Welcome to the 57th action packed episode of 451. Today, Zoe and I talk about the all important MOM RULE!

Do you right in different genres? Do you have or want other pen names? Do you wonder about what project you should  start next? Maybe the Mom Rule could help you pick!

Then we talk about building a mailing list. This is the first in a series of talks we will have on building a mailing list. So I hope that you enjoy it.

We also talked about The Sell More Books Show, Paperbacks, Promo site results, release schedules, the death of Zombie Alpha and  the birth of The Brain Thief and the intelligence  squared debate about Is Amazon the Readers Friend?

Next week we are going to talk A LOT about paperbacks.

Our question this week is: What made you write in the genre you’re in?

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Podcast 451 #56 – Describing Characters

Hey everybody! I know that we were supposed to be talking about mailing lists this week, but after getting some good feedback from Kraig Khaos about the Gavel, Zoe and I ended up in a discussion that lasted a couple hours, so we both thought it would be a grey topic for the show.

The question is, do you like your characters described heavily for you or more vague?

As a reader or as a writer?

Please comment on this post, on the Facebook page or on the contact form to let us know.

Get The Gavel #1! It’s out now.

Mark your calendars on March 31st for Meet the Serial Killers Facebook Event!

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Podcast 451 #55 – Branding Logos, Productivity and Deadlines

Hey there! On this episode, Zoe and I talk in great detail about the importance of a great logo. This isn’t just book covers or author branding, this is a logo for each separate product funnel that you have.

We also talk about our productivity line, how we do the things we do and how that is only tangible because of our strict, self-imposed deadlines.

If you have a question or a comment, please drop us a line in the comments below or on our contact page.


Podcast 451 #54 Part 2 – Which Idea to Write and the Lifespan of a Sales Funnel

This simple conversation went very long. I had conversations with a few people over the last week, asking me this question:

“How do I know which idea of mine I should write first?”

This is a question that I have struggled with ever since I became a creator.

I tried a couple things last year, that didn’t go as well as I had planned, and if I would have had someone to tell me this, it would have made my life a lot easier.

My answer is this, work on the project that you can visualize all parts of the sales funnel of.  That doesn’t mean have it all completed, it just means to visualize it.

If I had done that, a lot of the series that I have right now, would be much more solid, but instead, I tried to jump into writing books that I thought my audience would want, with no real idea how I was going to finish them.

Zoe also created something called The Mom Rule, which is epic and just might change my life.

So, here are the 5 steps that I use when constructing a product sales funnel.

1. The Introductory Offer

2. The Enticing Incentive

3. The Next Logical Step


5. The Bundle

I think that in the future I will write a blog or pdf that explains all this in greater detail, but for now, enjoy the show.

You can get The Spider #11 here. It’s freaking awesome!


Podcast 451 #54 Part 1 – Chris Fox

Hello everybody! This episode went long (my fault), so we decided to break it up into two parts.

This first part has our updates and then I interview Chris Fox, the author of No Such Thing   As Werewolves. He is a super fun guy with a very fresh take on werewolves that I think anyone who likes this genre will love!

You can find out more about Chris and his books and also see some cool fan art at his site