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Podcast 451 #53 – Best Time to Post on Social Media / Deleting Chapters

Hello everybody! Today on 451, Zoe and I talk about a ton of stuff like Black Star Canyon, The Gavel, Shallow Giallo, Evernote, and something I figured out on Scrivener.

Then we talk about the first time I ever deleted a chapter and rewrote it! It was shocking!

Then Zoe takes us on a fun little infographic ride through the best times to post on all the different social media platforms.

Thanks to for the article.


Podcast 451 #52 – J. Thorn, Evernote, Updates and More!

Wow, wow, wow! So much happened on this episode!

First off, we went into what the show is about for those of you that may be new. Then we kept to our organizational new year and talked about deleting files and using Evernote. We talked about our future plans, and what we need to hod ourselves acceptable for the next 6 months…

And then I got to ask horror author J. Thorn, a ton of awesome and some ridiculous questions! Good times!

The first 45 minutes, is Zoe and I, updating you all

Next 53 minutes is J. Thorn!

Hope you enjoy it!


Podcast 451 #51 – Michael Coorlim, Writing Steampunk, and Promosites

Hey there everybody! Today, Zoe and I share with you some of the promotion site that have worked for us recently, and which ones didn’t. We also give you updates on or resolutions, as well as drink too much wine.

mcoorlimBut, the best bit of the show, we have author Michael Coorlim on to talk to us about writing steampunk, his amazing street team, all the other stuff he writes and his upcoming book in the Galvanic Century series, Ghosts of Shaolin! It comes out on the 16th!

If you aren’t familiar with the Galvanic Century series, you can get the first book free here

To learn more about Michael, visit his website,

He was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed talking with him. I hope you guys enjoy the show.

the first 40 minutes: updates and promo sites

next 30 or so: Michael Coorlim

the rest: us saying goodbye. :)

We are very professional.

Black Star Canyon: Season 3 Episode 4 came out today! Get it here!


Podcast 451 #50! – The Plot Genie!

Welcome to Podcast 451, the podcast that will burn your print books, but let the ebooks wycliffahilllive! Tonight is our 50th episode spectacular! Get excited, because after the updates and Creep’s visit to a bookstore, Zoe will be using the Plot Robot and the Plot Genie, to make a complete story from scratch, LIVE (but recored) on the show!

Won’t you join us?

BSC S3 E3c copyBlack Star Canyon Season 3 Episode 3 was released to Amazon today, get it for only .99 cents HERE

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