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Podcast 451 #45 Characters: Heroes, Villains, Antiheroes, Protagonists, Antagonists, etc.

On tonight’s episode of 451, Zoe ad I almost talked about just heroes, then heroes and villains, then just antiheroes, then protagonists and antagonists, then just gave up and thought we would just have a discussion about characters in general while we touch on all of the above!

The song you hear at the beginning of this episode is Creepersin’s Dead Girls Not Dead from Faster Creepersin Kill Kill!

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Podcast 451 #44 – 10 Ways to Kill Your Darlings

On today’s episode, Zoe and I talk about ten different ways that you could kill your darlings. We end up talking about many more than that, but let’s start with ten. :)

We also chat a bit about the Kindle Education Conspiracy that my daughter and I went through with her home schooling program this year.

Finally, we chat about updates on Slasherton, mailing lists blunders and some of the other things that Zoe and I are working on.


The song at the start of the episode is Meet Me Out in the Sticks off of my The Rise of Creepersin album.

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Podcast 451 #43 SEASON 2 PREMIERE! Reflections on the Last Year

Welcome to a new season of Podcast 451! As much as we tried to change stuff up on here, it’s amazing to see how much stayed the same. We talk about Slashertober and reflect on all the high points and many more low points of the last year we have been self publishing.

We go over everything from KDP Select, Kindle Unlimited, permafree, the importance of series books, writer depression, what podcasts you should listen to and so much more!

The song at the beginning of the show is When She Sees Me She Screams by Creepersin off of Triple Threat of Terror.