Monthly Archives: May 2014

Podcast 451 #33 How to make a Press Release for a Book Ads, Author Earning Report

We have a jam packed show today! We will talk about how to make a press release, what ads we have been using that work, blogging, the new author earning report, which made us do our own version of that, plus we will talk about everything that is going on next weekend at the Black Star Canyon Season 2 Live Facebook launch party event! Wow!

Podcast 451 #32 – Simon Whistler from Rocking Self Publishing Podcast

Here it is! We got him to come on the show and share about his experiences interviewing a ton of self published authors, trends and tips and also his upcoming book, Audiobooks for Indies. This was great fun but we had huge tech probs. The video after the first couple minutes is just me for some reason and Zoe got booted a few minutes in and was unable to one back. :( But, Simon and I had a great time and shared some really useful and amazing stuff.

Be sure to subscribe to the rocking self publishing podcast on iTunes and also subscribe to Simon’s Rocking Self Publishing mailing list. It’s a great newsletter that I have been getting since last year. I highly recommend it. Visit Rocking Self Publishing for more info.