Monthly Archives: January 2014

Episode 20 – Targeting Your Fan Base

Today, Zoe and I will cover some amazing studies in self publishing and ebooks from 2013 and also talk about targeting your fan base. We also update everyone on our amazing NOOK giveaway. For more information please visit and and or

Episode 19 – Price Anchoring With Paperback Books & Win a NOOK!

On this episode, Creep and Zoe talk about the reasons why you should still make print versions of your book even in the ebook world, though not for the reasons you would think. Also we celebrate Edgar Allen Poe’s 205th birthday. Other topics include our Free Nook promotion, Scrivener on Mac vs PC, Zazzle, book covers, Black Star Canyon, Shallow Giallo and Blood Lust Romance. For more info visit

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Episode 18 – Self Publishing Plans for 2014

2014 is here and we have big plans for all our product lines. Creepology, Black Star Canyon, Slasherton, Shallow Giallo, Creepisodes and more! Let’s make a goal this year with our output and our wordcount!

Episode 17 – Mailchimp, Kobo, Nook and Slash Pack

Here on one of our most trainwreck episodes, Creep and Zoe try to talk about important things but get easily distracted by Google Effects in Hangouts lol! They talk about how to use Mailchimp or other mailinglists programs successfully, Moving over to Kobo and Nook, tease their new contest, and share about the Slash Pack! They also debate about graphic art in books.