Monthly Archives: December 2013

Episode #16 – Amazon Apps On Apple / Ratings, Reviews and Rankings

On todays show Zoe and Creep talked about Zoe’s Christmas presents, if their holiday book selling strategy paid off, Sack In Drag, Black Star Canyon, Creepology, if free book promotions work, how crappy amazon apps are on apple products and the difference between rankings, ratings and reviews are on amazon. Plus, we find out how many cigarettes Creep smokes per episode!

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Episode 15 – Sack In Drag Launch Party

On this episode, we watch as Sack In Drag goes LIVE on amazon!!! Super fun! Creep is in drag and Zoe looks like a man. We talk predictions for 2014 in publishing and where we like to shop – online or in stores. We also build up the release of Creepology and Black Star Canyon Episode 1 and listen to some Lady Gaga!

Episode 14 – Book Launches, Cover Design, Funnels and Marketing

Today, Creep and Zoe talk about launching a book, book marketing, book cover design and how to create a funnel for your books. Book reviews are Faerie Tales and Write Publish Repeat.

Episode 11 – Rape In Fiction / Writing Sack In Drag

Podcast 451 #11 on this episode, Creep and Zoe talk about Fringe, Pink Flamingos and Other Filth, Book of the Dead, their Top 5 Superheroes, and they talk seriously about how fiction depicts rape and their upcoming Slasherton book, Sack in Drag.